INFINITY GFX is a comprehensive solution for the full range of on-air graphics. It includes everything one needs to create the captivating on-air look – all in a single powerful turnkey system

• The Graphics solution for News, Stocks,
Sports, Elections, SMS and Special Events
• Comprehensive rights administration
• Failsafe Video Bypass
• Discrete and Embedded Audio support
• Unlimited layers to create and display fullest
range of visuals
• DVE Effects

EQUINOX is a versatile and multi-tasking solution for audio/video logging, archival, streaming and transfer. It presents a simple and consistent interface and streamlined workflow

• TS/Baseband recording
• Clips editor
• Finger-print based Content Search
• Ratings Analyzer
• Time stamping on clips
• Audio/Video failure alerts
• Multi-viewer option

STARLIGHT is a modular playout system that is fully scalable. Each playout port contains its own local storage that caches the clips prior to playing

• Supports unlimited number of output ports
• Device control module with Auto or Manual modes
• MOS integration to third party teleprompters
• Offline playlist creation
• GPI trigger support

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