About Us

Astech Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in developing automated systems for the broadcast industry. Our specialties cover the entire range from backend Broadcast MIS systems to complete automated Graphics Delivery & Media Monitoring Solutions. We have a long list of successful products covering many niche areas.

Since our incorporation in the year 2003, Astech Systems Pvt. Ltd. has built up a crack team of developers, engineers and support professionals, with extensive knowledge in their respective fields.

The extensive list of renowned companies we have as our clients is a testimony to their acceptance and appreciation of our products, solutions and services. We ensure that each product offers unmatched features to always maintain our competetive edge. We interract with our clients on a continuous basis to discuss, brainstorm and invent new features for their ease.

The sole motto that has driven the company since inception is the aim towards “Complete Customer Satisfaction”.