Infinity GFX 

Infinity GFX is a comprehensive solution for the full range of ON-AIR Graphics. It includes everything needed to create the captivating ON-AIR Look, all in a powerful Turnkey System. It is designed to meet the demands of Fast-Paced, Live-to-Air Production including Live News, Sports, Elections, SMS polls and Entertainment. Infinity GFX provides Flexibility, Easy Scalability and Significant Economy.

It contains many advanced features to simplify and automate operations while allowing a great deal of Flexibility. Built for a Multi-User Environment, it allows the Administrator to efficiently distribute workload, and manage rights. Operators only see their assigned work area, thus totally eliminating chances of mistakes due to overlaps.



• Instant and Real Time Update and On-Air Display

• Comprehensive and Foolproof Rights Administration

• 4-Point Animation and Layouts

• Template-based versatile Scrolls

• Designed for use without Programming Support

• Regional Languages support

• Database Structure - Integrates with Data Sources

• Generates Database and Log Activities

• Template-enabled Creation and Composition

• Failsafe Video Bypass

• Discrete and Embedded Audio Support

• Unlimited Layers to Create and display fullest range of Visuals

• Output full range of On-Air Graphics: Logo, Clock, Animations, Full Frame
Graphics, Text, Objects and Images, Scrolls, Ads, Newsflash, Breaking
News, Tables and Graphs

• Co-ordinated and collaborative Team work over network. License-free and
unlimited Clients, local or remote, can Contribute and Manage

• Video Squeeze (DVE Effect)

• Generates As-Run Logs and Commercial Reports for Advertisements

• Import and Output On-Air Items Created in 3DS Max, After Effects, Maya,

• Playlists-assisted Scheduling and Output

• API for Third Party Application Development

• Template Builder to create Layouts for Timeline and Key-Frame Based

IGDesign (The designers console)

Allows easy Drag and Drop Interface to create any kind of Template

Auto thumbnails of media elements

Integrates with the in-built Media Manager

Optional Desktop Preview

Complete ODBC integration

IGConsole (The operators console)

IGConsole (The operators console)

Graphical Data Entry Preview

New and improved User Interface

User specified grouping of Templates

Centralized Media Manager

Live update of Templates and Scrolls

Drag-drop Playlist creation
Template Builder (For advanced template designing)

Template Builder (For advanced template designing)

Create Animated Layouts in Template Builder

Call any rendered Animation from After Effects or 3DS Max

Animate Text and Logos in 3D space.Timeline-based Environment and
Playout in Real-Time

Change Animated Logos in Real-Time

Numerous attractive and distinct Text Styles

Predefined Animated Templates

IGOutput (The output engine)

IG Output (The output engine)

Live Display of On-Air Objects

Playlist-integrated with Output

Objects-based Events

Control of non-related Events

As Run Log

16 GPIs & 8 GPOs
Infinity Workflow
System Supported Video Resolutions

Chasis: 3U Rackmount, Rack rails included

Dimensions: HxWxD :5.25" (13.35 cm) x 19" (48.26 cm) x 25.5" (59.69

Weight: 45 lbs (20.41 kg)

Power Specifications: 760W triple-redundant power supply w/i2C built-
in & fan speed control

Backpanel PCI/O: Four USB 2.0 ports, Two Gigabit Ethernet ports via

Recordable CD/DVD-RW drive for backup or system restore

Serial digital component 4:2:2 video @

1920x1080: /60i/59.94i/50i (SMPTE 274M)

1920x1080: /30p/29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p (SMPTE 274M)

1920x1080: /30psF/29.97psF/25psF/24psF/23.98psf (SMPTE 274M

1280x720: /60p/59.94p/50p (SMPTE 296M)

720x486 (525): /59.94i (ITU-R BT601)

720x576 (625): /50i (ITU-R BT601)

Video Inputs Video Outputs

One Serial Digital (SD/HD) Program/Frame Grab input:- 4:2:2 SMPTE
259M and SMPTE 292M, 8/10 bit SDI (270 Mbps @ 525/625)

One Serial Digital (SD/HD) Key Input:- 4:2:2 SMPTE 259M and
SMPTE 292M, 8/10 bit SDI (270 Mbps @ 525/625)

One Analog Reference Input:- Tri-level sync or blackburst -
(terminated/non terminated under jumper control)

Genlock:HD/SD input or black burst (SD)/tri-level sync (HD)

Auto timing of HD/SD inputs: Within +/- 1/2 line window

Input Levels: SDI: 800mv P-P

Analog Reference: 1V P-P Black Burst of 0.6V P-P for Tri-level sync

Input Impedance:75 ohms

One Serial Digital (SD/HD) Program/Fill Output:- 4:2:2 SMPTE 259M
and SMPTE 292M, 8/10 bit SDI (270 Mbps @ 525/625)

 One Serial Digital (SD/HD) Key Output:- 4:2:2 SMPTE 259M and
SMPTE 292M, 8/10 bit SDI (270 Mbps @ 525/625)

 Output Levels: SDI : 800mv P-P

 Output Impedance:75 ohms
Additional Features


 All Internal Video Processing at 12-bits Component 4:2:2:4

 Video and Audio Bypass on HD/SD Program Input-to-Output in the
event of a power fail of application reset

 Shaped or unshaped fill signal processing

 Internal watchdog timer to ensure hardware stability

 Monitoring and signal status LEDs